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Coffee Vending

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The continued success of Cafe Vending Group is the result of a one-of-a-kind attitude to business: every decision made by the company is designed to exceed customer expectations. It makes us a leader in the vending sector with a well-developed nationwide network.

We have highly trained staff in all sectors of activity, with 35 employees. The team is made up of vendors, vendors, technical support, delivery and sales. Customers can enjoy on-line ordering and fast delivery.

We are located in Vizbegovo industrial zone and have 800m2 warehouse space and 250m2 administrative area.

Cafe Vending Group is an importer of vending machines, auto parts and products from the best brands: Necta-Zanussi, Rhea, Fas, ICS, Jacobs, AG Foods, Bianchi, and since 2011 we have become an official importer of the best ILLY- coffee brand MITACA.

Quality is the core motto of our company and in the future we will try not to let our customers down but strive to meet their needs and desires.



  • Large selection of vending machines for coffee and food
  • Service and a large selection of spare parts
  • Quality coffee from multiple brands