Angelovska: Voluntary VAT registration available on the new Central Registry e-platform

In 2020,  a new electronic platform will be available and every company will be able to voluntarily register for VAT payer. This was announced by Finance Minister Nina Angelovska at the event to mark the 18th anniversary of the Central Registry and pointed out that this would be a great relief for the companies, since all the formalities for starting a business can be completed through the e-platform.

Entering the data for voluntary VAT registration purposes, the Central Registry will perform it electronically, by linking its registries with the PRO databases, with the PRO submitting the VAT number within 90 minutes of the data submission by the PRO. Central Registry. All documentation required to register a company is submitted in electronic form, signed by an electronic signature of authorized persons, Angelovska said.

She pointed out that the ability of the Central Registry to respond to the task is extremely important as it plays an important role in creating a better business environment and facilitating the lives of entrepreneurs and businesses.

-The first step to the realization of any business idea starts with the Central Registry, registering a company. Being an entrepreneur and running a business is not easy anywhere and it can not be, it takes a lot of hard work, constant learning and managing challenges. The institutions here should play the role of the wind in the back, not the anchor that pulls back. How? “So they will continuously work on simplifying procedures, shortening procedures, making them easy to use for everyone,” Angelovska said.

She pointed out that digitization is the way institutions can achieve this, and that Central has over the years done much of its services electronically. So, if paper documents had to be brought in before to register a company, today’s young entrepreneurs can do this through their computer, while time lost at the counters can be redirected to business growth and development, Angelovska said.

Angelovska said that the number of new companies is increasing every year and that in 2019 there are over 6,200 new companies registered.


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