Bekteshi-Baznikin: Has great potential for producing economic cooperation with the Russian Federation

 Today, the Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi met with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation HE Sergei Baznikin.

The main topic of the meeting between the Minister and the Ambassador was the possibility of deepening economic cooperation between the two countries.
At the meeting, satisfaction was expressed with the continuous fruitful cooperation and strong friendly relations between the two countries.
The Minister pointed out that the strategic interest of our country is NATO membership and EU integration, but also maintaining good bilateral relations with traditional friendly countries such as the Russian Federation.
It was concluded at the meeting that the Republic of Northern Macedonia and the Russian Federation are achieving intensive economic cooperation, with the dominant form of cooperation being trade.
Trade data show that for 11 months last year, despite the pandemic, bilateral trade grew by 6%, exports increased by 9.7% and imports by 4.6% compared to 2019.

The meeting discussed the four sets of economic measures adopted by the Government to support citizens and the economy and mitigate the negative effects of the socio-economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
Minister Bekteshi stressed that the measures give the desired results to the economy and pointed out that in the fifth set of measures, which is in its final stage, support will be directed to the most affected sectors and citizens and will aim at revitalizing the economy.

Both interlocutors agreed that increasing economic cooperation between the two countries will remain a priority in the coming period, especially in the field of tourism and energy.


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